To show our gratitude to our members, Energy One now offers Free One Checking, a totally free account that replaces Energy One’s 1-2-3 Free Checking account. Features of Free One Checking include:

  • no required minimum balance
  • no required direct deposit
  • no minimum number of debit card transactions
  • no limit on debit card transactions
  • free online banking
  • no monthly fee for bill pay
  • free standard debit card (upon approval)

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I have a 1-2-3 Free Checking account. What do I need to do?

Will my account number or log-in information change?

A “free” or “no cost” checking account means that Energy One FCU won’t charge you a fee for not meeting a minimum balance. However, a Free One Checking account may still have certain fees, such as ATM fees, overdraft fees, bounced check fees, balance inquiry fees, fees to stop payment on a check, fees on a dormant account, or check-printing fees. For a full list, please visit our fee schedule at The only account that will automatically transition to Free One Checking will be the 1-2-3 Free Checking account.